Pastoral Letter

Sunday April 5th, 2020

Dear all,

On this beautiful sunny Palm Sunday morning I awoke and was reminded of what a special Sunday this is for all of us, particularly as we enter into Holy Week.


Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem that we celebrate and reflect upon today was a joyous one that affected everyone in the City.  Even today it is said that many Jewish folk, when visiting, still gasp as Jerusalem comes into view.  That first day many threw down their cloaks, acquired palm leaves from the trees and triumphantly welcomed him as the long awaited Messiah , the one who had come to save them from the oppression of the Romans the dictators of the day.  Here was their King riding into their city, arriving to deliver them, to rescue them and to bring them life.


They were right! He was all those things and yes he had come to do all those things …. just not in the way they expected!  


As Jesus first glimpsed upon Jerusalem, and first heard those shouts of welcome and saw those tributes to him of a royal pathway of cloaks akin to a red carpet of welcome … I wonder … 


We are told through scripture that he knew that this journey would lead to his death, that this journey into Jerusalem would lead to the cross, that ultimately he would journey through many things to save us all … but as the faces beamed at him and the voices raised their hallelujahs … what thoughts … what prayers … what reflections did he have of that day?


Saints as we continue to journey through these days of unknowns, as the media reminds us we are in day? or week? of the coronavirus can I encourage us all to remember that for us this is Holy Week … take time each day to reflect as we draw nearer to Good Friday … take time to ponder on the journey that Jesus made for each one of us … here is a photo attached of our cross at church on Good Friday where we placed our prayers between the wires. Maybe again this year we can place in God’s hands our daily prayers, for one another, our own families and friends, our neighbourhoods and nation … remembering that God so loves them all that he sent his only son.   


God bless you …


And may I also remind you that there are many ways to link into worship at this time.  The Circuit are posting a simple service each week that you can download and enter into at home on your own or with your loved ones … there will be links coming up on our own church website for resources from many places … check radio and TV, they have some particularly interesting things coming up over Easter … there are links below for all of these …


We haven't forgotten those at home who do not have access to emails and computers etc so will be sending out another package soon with some hard copies of resources to help them too. 


We will also be heading down to church this week to change our noticeboard by the roadside so that we can remind our neighbours and community around us of this special time of year … and also assure them of our prayers.

Keep safe, keep well … love and prayers always  …

Maria x

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