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Room Hire & Bookings

Emmanuel have a number of rooms available for hire.


For booking enquiries please email

Ground Floor Rooms


£15 per session

Kettles/Urns& Crockery are available

No cooking permitted


£30 per hour *

Max 50 people


£75 per hour *

Max 200 people

* Please note, between 30th September and 1st April a £35 winter surcharge applies to all bookings.

Upper Floor Rooms

Small Room 1

£10 per hour *

Max 12 people

Small Room 2 -

with kitchenette

£15 per hour *

Max 15 people

Large Room - 

with kitchenette

£20 per hour *

Max 30 people

with kitchenette

* Please note, between 30th September and 1st April a £35 winter surcharge applies to all booking.



No Charge


Ministers Fees





To be arranged through Funeral Directors, and any charges paid direct to them.


£15 per hour

2 Stewards are required if 50 or more attendees

Car park Attendant


Required if 50 or more attendees

Church car parking is for Family Members only. Other Attendees should use Car Park at Tesco – Entrance on Portman Road

Charges will not be made to FULL Church Members, however if Lounge, Kitchen etc. are required for the Funeral Wake then the normal charges will apply for those rooms.

Please Note:

  • THE CHURCH DOES NOT EMPLOY A CARETAKER – It is the responsibility of the group leader or person hiring to ensure all terms and conditions of a booking are strictly followed. 

  • No Alcohol or Smoking permitted on Church premises or grounds. 

  • Minimum booking duration is 2 hours. All time spent setting up and clearing down MUST BE INCLUDED in the booking duration.

Terms and Conditions

  • Ensure ALL areas and part(s) of the building you were using are left clean and tidy and any rubbish is removed.

  • ALL equipment/furniture brought with you must be removed from the premises at the end of every session. If you have a written agreement with the church to store items in the building, they MUST be returned to the designated locked storage area in the basement at the end of every session.


  • If the kitchen has been used it should be left clean and tidy. ALL work surfaces, sinks and cooker (if used) to be wiped down at the end of every session.

  • The last person out of building should ensure: 

    • all taps are turned off all windows are shut and locked 

    • all persons are out of the building all lights are switched off

    • “Fire Exit” doors are closed and properly secured 

    • Doors marked as “Fire Door” must be closed and those marked “Keep Locked” must remain locked.


  • Any “damages/faults/problems” must be reported via the Site Information Book.

  • Urgent problems must be reported to the Church Stewards immediately.

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