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Emmanuel in the Community

Emmanuel is at the heart of a thriving busy community along the Oxford Road.  This page highlights some of those neighbours that we are seeking to support.

Homeless Collections

In this time of uncertainty, a local shop on the junction Prince of Wales Avenue and Cranbury Road has set aside a couple of shelves to stock items for the homeless to help themselves to. Shoppers can donate something to these shelves. It is heartening that even at a time like this, people are reaching out to those in their community that may be struggling.

If you would like to contribute to this community outreach effort, but are unable to get it to the shop or are feeling hesitant of leaving the house at the time,  Mike, a member of our congregation who volunteers at a number of local night shelters, has offered to facilitate the collection, delivery and distribution of any donations people would like to make.

The items collected will be distributed between the shop, Readifood, New Beginnings Reading and local homeless encounters around the Oxford Road area.

Please send an email to 


Ideally the following would be most useful: 

  • toiletries such as deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste

  • wet wipes, pocket tisues and hand sanitiser gel

  • his and her clothing such as socks, hats, t shirts gloves and beanie hats,


  • long life food such as cereal bars and snacks

  • Tinned food such as soup

  • Tea, coffee and UHT milk 

Mike is not currently looking for other clothing as he already has lots to be distributed

Christian Community Action

Whilst all the shops for CCA are closed under the instruction of the Government and NHS guidelines, the support centre is continuing to operate especially during this time of crisis when many are in desperate need of food and household goods.

If you have any donations to make towards food, toiletries, bedding etc please contact CCA directly by emailing to or phone 0118 376 1011 to make arrangements for delivery or collection. 


Please do not leave items outside the centre as it is not being manned with staff each day, but they are co-ordinating from home and only going on site as needed for safety.


Please remember CCA in your prayers and if you can make a donation it would be much appreciated.  Christian Community Action rely on the income from their shops and also donations so are being particularly hit hard at this time.

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